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It was clear I had made the right choice to bring my three year old daughter to JCMG’s podiatrist Dr. Jody McAleer! I was just as scared as she was when she had jumped off the back of the couch and not a clue what to do next with the sudden pain! With excellent staff and quick care, Dr McAleer made our unforeseen experience a most pleasant one.

~ Karen W.

A couple of years ago I broke my fibula which ended up requiring surgical repair. I was recommended to seek treatment at JCMG Podiatry. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. McAleer and was immediately impressed by the friendliness and care from him and his staff. They were very attentive and informative of all procedures that would take place.

~ Tiffany L.

My family and I have had nothing but excellent service from JCMG Podiatry.

Dr. Duke started treating me about six years ago for joint pain in my foot. The pain was interfering with my quality of life and my job. Dr. Duke asked me to participate in my treatment plan and gave me expert guidance. He empowered me to make choices in which I was comfortable. Under his care, I was able to receive non-surgical treatment which improved my symptoms. This continued until my condition reached the point where I felt surgery was the best option. He and his staff helped prepare me for my surgery and for my recovery afterwards.

Dr. McAleer provided excellent treatment to my son who suffered from a recurrent ingrown toenail. It had been been treated on multiple occasions by another doctor but it continued to cause pain and continued to become infected. Dr. McAleer performed the toenail surgery and my son has been problem-free since.

I am very pleased with the care my family has received and would highly recommend JCMG Podiatry. Both Dr. Duke and Dr. McAleer are very skilled and are very approachable. They spend time discussing the patient’s concerns with them. In addition, the staff at JCMG Podiatry is so friendly and supportive. Thank you all!

~ Anna B.

When I found out I had a fungus under my toenail I was devastated. How could this happen? I take a shower every day. I clean my tub and tub mat with bleach every week. I was too ashamed to go to the doctor, so I bought over-the-counter medication and used it for almost a year. It didn’t help and the infection was getting worse. I finally went to see Dr. Duke. He prescribed me some medicine for my toenails. JCMG Podiatry then began offering laser nail treatment at the JCMG Laser & Vein Center. I received treatments with the laser and had amazing results. The combination of medicine, pedicures and laser treatment did the trick. This is the first time in a long time that I’m going to wear nail polish and wear my sandals. Thank you Dr. Duke and Laser & Vein Center!

~ Karen M.

When I was a teenager I was an avid softball player and volleyball player. There was no time for me to be off of my game. My teams needed me. That held true even after I twisted my ankle time and time again. As an adult my body had a hard time keeping up with the demands I continued to put on it. I awakened the old sports injury that I suffered from in the past and nothing I did helped to make it better.

I finally took the advice of my family and I had it examined by Dr. McAleer. An MRI revealed the damage that I had done over my lifetime. I had a torn ankle tendon and two torn ankle ligaments. I was devastated.

Dr. McAleer helped guide me through my treatment options. We decided that surgery would be in my best interest after conservative care was unsuccessful. He was able to repair my tendon and stabilize my ankle. I feel like myself again and I am more active than ever.

Thanks to the doctors and staff of JCMG Podiatry.

~ Kristen R.

I have the privilege of not only Dr. Bill Duke being our family podiatrist, but also calling him a family friend. He has probably seen my family’s faces in his office far more than he would like. With three boys who are very active in sports, I have him on speed dial. His professional bedside manner is impressive, but his ability to treat my kids like his own and make them feel super comfortable in an office setting is something hard to come by.

Dr. Duke is a compassionate, honest and intelligent physician, and one that I trust my children with completely. He truly cares about his patients beyond the office visit and has been known to call me to check on their healing progress.

While I am thoroughly impressed with him as a physician, I am far more impressed with him as a person. He truly cares about the people in his life, whether through his job as a physician, his job as a coach, or people he interacts with in his community.

~ Kim A.

I was in need of Dr. Duke’s professional services after both my daughter and son suffered catastrophic ankle injuries while playing softball and wrestling. Dr. Duke arranged his schedule to see both kids immediately following their injuries, took the time to explain the injuries to us in detail, answered all our questions thoroughly, and provided us with various treatment options. In the end, we chose surgical procedures to correct the injuries, and the care provided by Dr. Duke and his entire staff was outstanding. Dr. Duke treated my kids as if they were his own, he provided excellent follow-up care, and always gave my kids all the time they needed to answer their questions. I highly recommend Dr. Duke for any of your foot or ankle care needs.

~ Paul M.

Dr. Duke has treated my kids on several occasions for various reasons. Each time he was very knowledgeable and professional. He also has the ability to calm my kids when they are nervous about a procedure he is performing. He is honest, trustworthy, and truly enjoys helping people. I would highly recommend Dr. Duke!

~ Mandy H.

Dr. McAleer had been treating me for a fungus under my toenails. During one of my follow-up visits I mentioned to him a pain I had been having around one of the metatarsals of my left foot. This pain had been there for months, if not a year. It wasn’t terrible, but it was very annoying. After performing a physical assessment and ordering an MRI to verify his diagnosis, he was able to inject the area with steroids and my foot has been pain free since. From here on out, I will bring all of my foot problems to his attention. If your foot is hurting it can lead to other problems like knee, hip or back pain. Thanks Doc!

~ Jason A.