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Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction

The Condition

‘Bunion’ deformities of the great toe joint (hallux abducto-valgus) are a common forefoot complaint for many patients. The great toe deviates over time due to genetic and environmental factors. The resulting prominence of the joint becomes impinged when wearing shoes. This creates a source of irritation and pain that can ultimately result in nerve injury, limitation in motion, and joint arthritis.

The Treatment

The Lapiplasty® procedure provides the benefits of a standard reproducible surgical approach that achieves tri-planar correction and supports immediate weight bearing for mild, moderate and severe bunion deformities. This groundbreaking technique also reduces operative time and decreases patient exposure to anesthesia.

The procedure makes use of specialized instrumentation specifically designed to manipulate and reduce the bunion prior to making the initial bone cuts. It allows for minimal bone removal which nearly eliminates the risk of significant bone shortening. It also supports the use of biplanar plate fixation of the correction site. This technique is what makes immediate weight bearing possible.

More traditional surgical approaches can require patients to be inconvenienced by 6 weeks of non-weight bearing status. The Lapiplasty® returns patients to their typical footwear within 6 weeks of surgery and should provide lasting permanent results. This typically provides for an improved patient experience post-operatively and limits the disruption of daily activities.

JCMG Podiatry is the first facility in the State of Missouri to offer this procedure and its surgeons have performed over 300 procedures to date. It has been deemed a Lapiplasty Centurion Center. Currently only several centers nationwide have been awarded this prestigious designation.

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Lapiplasty Bunion Correction

Patient Education

What is Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction?JCMG Podiatry doctors J.P. McAleer and William Duke explain how Lapiplasty works and what makes it such a groundbreaking technique.

Watch a Lapiplasty Procedure*Warning – graphic surgical content* In this video Dr. McAleer performs a bunion correction procedure using the Lapiplasty system.

Introduction to the Lapiplasty ProcedureThis patient education video explains how the novel Lapiplasty® Three-Dimensional Bunion Correction procedure enables a precision realignment of the entire metatarsal bone in 3D and then fuses the unstable joint (the root cause of the bunion).

Lapiplasty Educational WebinarIn this educational webinar you will learn about Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction from Dr. McAleer of JCMG Podiatry and one of his patients, Laura.

Patient Stories

Laura’s StoryLearn about this procedure from Laura, a Lapiplasty patient, as well as Dr. J.P. McAleer of JCMG Podiatry.

April’s StoryLearn about this procedure from April, a Lapiplasty patient, as well as Dr. J.P. McAleer of JCMG Podiatry.


Judy’s StoryWith common risk factors for the development of bunions including genetics as well as wearing tight, restrictive footwear; it was no surprise to Judy (a 65 year-old retiree from Missouri) that she developed bunions on both feet. Not only do bunions run in her family, Judy spent much of her adult life in dress shoes as the owner of a retail-clothing store with long hours on her feet.

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Jim’s StoryJim spent many years on his feet wearing steel-toed boots on concrete floors. He worked in a factory for a while and then for the highway department. Jim, now retired at 64, does a lot of work at home as well. Unfortunately, about five or ten years ago, he was slowed down when he began developing bunions on both feet. The bunion on his right foot was particularly painful.

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